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Importer Lists for Vertical Exchanges

IMPORTERLIST.COM is positioning itself to be the premier provider of Targeted Importer Lists to promote international trade on Vertical Exchanges throughout the world. By partnering with exchanges, IMPORTERLIST.COM will be offering targeted importer lists as buttons on exchanges to be easily purchased and downloaded to exchange customers without buyers having to leave the exchange site. For example, on a plastics exchange, we can offer 427 importers of "Resins & Gums," 390 importers of "Plastics Machinery & equipment," 540 importers of "Plastics Raw Material," and 1488 importers of "Plastics & Plastic Products."

Using affiliate marketing technology, revenues from these daily list sales will be shared with the exchanges, with typical database sales ranging from $25 to $150. These clean, inventory-less sales can provide your company with a steady revenue stream as you build liquidity on your exchange site.

To become an IMPORTERLIST.COM affiliate, click here to fill out an application form or contact us at

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